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IBF Chemotechnik Elektronik® GmbH - Industrial Services + Research + Development + Production

For the achievement of optimum thermo-coupling of semiconductors, sensors, thermocouples, heating elements, coils, heat exchangers, industrial furnaces, production test facilities, solar technologies, as well as electronic, electrical, mechanical components of all kinds. In high-voltage areas for insulation and prevention of corona effects.

This product segment comprises heat sink pastes, heat carrier oils, heat transfer compounds, some of which silicone-free, others based on silicone, ceramic, metallic materials. IBF can offer several advanced technology products, proven in practical applications, which support the higher requirements of new developments in industry and research.

Specially selected top-grade environment-friendly raw materials, as well as special manufacturing technologies give our products the excellent heat transfer characteristics and stability, even at extremely high temperatures. Longterm tests of IBF heat transfer pastes by independant institutions and reputed industrial users - also in the automotive area - at maximum operating temperatures, in connection with the assembled components - proved excellent results, like non-melting, non-evaporation, non-hardening over long periods of time.

These products generally serve to get a quick and reliable thermal coupling between two technical bodies over the whole temperature range. It is well known that electronic and mechanical components rarely have smooth surfaces, also that sensors, thermocouples, heating elements, etc. are assembled within certain tolerances. Rough surfaces as well as necessary designed tolerances can reduce the heat transfer by 60-80%, since the remaining air in the open non-contact spaces increases the heat transfer resistance considerably(heat transfer value as per tech.stds. approx. 0.026).

Practical tests have shown that with the proper object-related selection of IBF-FEROTHERM heat transfer compounds - used e.g. between semiconductors and cooling surface, heating element and transfer surface, sensor and measuring device, etc - the heat transfer resistance can be reduced by 60-80%.

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